About Us

Unglu-d is a dedicated Gluten Free business. It started as a pop up shop...kid you not and from that developed a global following of Coeliacs and Gluten Freers. It was set up by Aileen who’s a Coeliac and a Foodie (would eat the legs off the table kinda Foodie, we’re not just saying that to sound cool). What Unglu-d learned through the pop up was those on a gluten free diet have a shocking time finding decent products that aren’t loaded with sugar especially breads so Aileen started making her own.

Aileen Markey Unglu-d

Unglu-d runs classes to help give people on a Gluten Free diet confidence in some of the basics and mostly it’s a great opportunity to get together with like minded people to talk all things Gluten Free like “why can’t I get chips when I’m out”, “anyone know where you can get a decent gluten free pizza” and “why is a sausage not just a sausage for goodness sake”

We share recipes and keep you up to date on new products and events happening in Ireland and elsewhere. If you have a question or something you’d like to share please email us info@unglu-d.ie. We also love to hear from producers, chefs, restaurants and the like if you have news to share or if you need our help!