Gluten Free Tiramisu

This recipe is an adapted version of Gearoid Lynch's Tiramisu recipe from 'The Gluten Free Kitchen' on sale in our online shop,  it's a fab book with recipes for all the family and occassions.  Gearoid uses some alcohol in his recipe which we omitted as we had some guests who were non drinkers.  He also makes his own amaretti biscuits,  we cheated and used the amaretti biscuits we also sell in the shop ;).  You could use GF lady fingers which you can find in some speciality stores,  we stock them here from time to time.  This recipe makes 5 individual servings in separate ramekins however if you were going to change it up some more you could just make one big one and hand everyone a spoon woo hoo !  Have fun and enjoy,  our guests and taste testers loved it.


125ml freshly brewed espresso coffee

45gm cater sugar

2 egg yolks

150ml single cream (we used low fat)

250gm mascarpone cheese

30 amaretti biscuits

cocoa powder for dusting

raspberries for decoration (optional)


Combine the coffee with enough sugar to sweeten and ensure it's all dissolved,  leave to cool.

Place a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water.  Add the sugar and egg yolks.  Whisk over the heat until they thicken and lighten in colour.  Remove from the heat and whisk until cold.

Whip the cream in a large bowl until you get a softly whipped consistency.  Add the mascarpone and the cooled egg mixture.  Whisk all together combining all ingredients,  you should have a smooth consistency and the mixture should hold its shape.

Layer your biscuits into the bottom of the ramekins (you could also use a nice decorative glass or larger dish if not serving individually) and top with the coffee.   Add your cream mixture to the top.  You can do layers if you like.   Dust with cocoa powder and top with a little raspberry for some extra colour and decoration.  Leave in the fridge until ready to serve.  Hey presto !!!

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