Take the panic out of panic buying !

Not sure about you guys but the panic buying is getting a little wearing and is it just me or has everyone suddenly decided to go gluten free ?!  I've an elderly parent so I'm shopping online mostly and staying away from shops to protect both of us.  Getting a delivery slot is a challenge where we are and when deliveries arrive half of what we've ordered is missing especially some of the necessary gluten free items I need for my own kitchen.  I've always been a fan of online shopping and like to go direct to the source where I can.  Like booking a hotel I'd rather go direct to the hotel than through a booking platform as it's more personal,  the hotel are not paying fees for your booking,  you'll probably get a better rate or offer and even a better room. 

I love going direct to food producers as more than often they've great deals especially on delivery over a certain amount,  they've recipes on their site to match products....how many times have you gone to the supermarket bought a gluten free item cause it looked sparkly and new,  brought it home,  stuck it in the cupboard and never used it ?!...yep we've all been there.  Most of all I like going direct so I can support small producers and businesses,  they get paid directly and are not waiting for long periods of time for a big store to pay up.   These small businesses really need our help so let's go direct where we can. 

With all that in mind I took some time this week to look at what deals are on offer right now to make things easier for you, here's a few to get you started and I'll continue to add and share week by week;

Soul Bia https://soulbia.com/ - have a whole range of free from products including chilled items and 15% off on your first order.  Based just over the border in Jonesborough they also have a small grocery store you can visit once we're all out and about again.

Foods of Athenry https://www.foodsofathenry.ie/ - 20% on all orders currently

Denise's Delicious https://www.delicious.ie/ - Free delivery over 25.00

Magic Mayan http://www.magicmayan.com/ -  10% discount on first order

BFREE https://www.bfreefoods.com/products/ - you can bulk buy wraps and other products

Great Northern Larder https://greatnorthernlarder.com/ - Free delivery over 30.00

Nutshed https://nutshed.ie/shop/ - if your kids are as nuts about peanut butter as I am then they'll love this product.  The have big tubs and a subscription service.

It's worth also heading over to Amazon as they've tons of great gluten free products from big and small producers, deals and hampers with multiple brands included.  You can buy in bulk boxes of Nakd and Kind bars which are very handy to have in the house.  Other brands that popped out were ITSU noodlesTamari Gluten Free Soy SauceLee Kum Kee Oyster Sauce (I always have this in my cupboard), Walkers biscuit range,  Candy Kitten Sweets and one of our own Maria Lucia Bakes.  If you want to indulge you gotta get Anands Gluten Free Wagon Wheels....brings me back to my childhood and they're delicious.  

More next week so stay tuned and, stay home and stay safe.  Thinking of you all and your families at this time,  we're in this together.

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