Oh Crepe...we've run out of flour ?!!

It's great we're all baking up a storm and from scratch but have we lost the run of ourselves ? Yesterday I heard a whole piece about sourdough starters and people who leave theirs with friends if they go away on holiday....now lads ! I love baking for me it's pure therapy as I escape into a different world and don't think about anything else except what I'm baking.   That being said I live in quite a remote area so if I run out of something I'm sorta screwed that's why I always have a few mixes in the cupboard as back up.  To those who buy from my at the local market please note I bake from scratch for you guys :)

Now the absence of flour seems to be causing a stir (excuse the pun) so I've been doing a bit of scouting around to see who has what and there's some good news.   I would highly encourage buying mixes,  there's some really good ones out there with baking still involved so you get the best of both worlds.  Also if you spot Teff Flour anywhere buy it....it's naturally gluten free,  full of iron and magnesium and has a natural elasticity to it so you don't need xantham gum and much better substitute and texture to rice flour which can be chalky.


Denise's Delicious https://www.delicious.ie/home-baking just launched her own flours , she has a pastry mix, scone and cake mixes too.  If you spend over €25.00 it's free delivery.

If you're okay with oats head to The Merry Mill https://www.themerrymill.ie/organic and pick up their oat flour.   Free delivery over €20.00

I've mentioned Soul Bia before https://soulbia.com/collections/gluten-free-baking...they're out of stock on a few items but have Dove Farm self raising flour and the Gluten Free Patisserie Mixes are good...try the scone mix or focaccia.   15% off for first time orders.

Little Italy's http://www.littleitalyltd.com/product/piaceri-gluten-free-flour-1-kg/ online ordering seems to be back up and they've a gluten free flour available. 

I've not used this company before GlutenfreiGeniessen https://www.glutenfreigeniessen.de (if the page pops up in Germany go to the left hand side of the screen to change to English) They've a huge online offering including flours.   Delivery to Ireland is €16.99 up to 9kg....you could do a shared delivery with a friend of family member nearby. 

I was introduced to Cakers World https://cakersworld.com/?s=gluten+free&post_type=product by Candlewood Bakery!  Great selection of Gluten Free Cake Mixes and accessories you'll never find in the shops.  I love their baking survival kit....you could keep the kids entertained for hours with some of their products.

McCambridge https://mccambridge.ie/btb-shop/ sell their bread kits direct from their online shop and still seem to be in stock.  They're sold in 6 packs, 12 packs and you can get a case with a mix of 2 types.   The soda bread mix does contain oats.

Wyldsson https://wyldsson.com/products/baking/.  Their mixes are top notch...they do contain oats but if you're ok to take them then you cannot go wrong with their products.

Kookee http://www.kookee.ie/ don't have an online shop but you can get them in lots of different stores.  They've really good quality cookie mixes AND if you follow them on Instagram you can pick alternate ways to use a couple of their mixes to create an oat loaf or chocolate loaf...both absolutely to die for !!

I hope this helps you !  There are other brands and online stores however I tend to only include companies or brands I've tried and tested myself so if you've a recommendation then pass it on to info@unglu-d.ie.

Stay Safe and hey let's whisk again later this week, I'll be back talking about Easter Stuff (see how I slipped that little baking quote in there....just roll with it okay ?!...oops I did it again).

Happy Baking !






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