Eggcellent Easter Treats !

Let's be honest it's hard not to feel sad as whilst spring has sprung and Easter is upon us we're staying home and in many cases unable to see our families. This recent lockdown has been incredibly hard on all of us YET I'm starting to see and feel that possible light at the end of the tunnel.  More than anything I'm hoping businesses that have had to stay closed for such long periods of time can reopen very soon.  And with that in mind I'm gonna focus here on some small Irish businesses that deserve and warrant our support this coming Easter.  

So let's talk Easter treats.  Whether you're a definite 'has to be an egg at Easter' or 'some nice chocolate will do',  there's certainly plenty to choose from.

Starting close to home with Phoenix Delite who are a wonderful company based in the Boyne Valley.  Pascale stocks an incredible selection of Belgian chocolate delights and this Easter has gluten free and sugar free eggs,  plus dairy and gluten free eggs. 

Hazel Mountain have a beautiful Wild Atlantic egg,  some chocolate bunnies and the ever so cute male and female chocolate hens ! 

Aines, is another wonderful Irish brand with a huge selection to choose from.  I was recently gifted one of her chocolate hearts for valentines and it was just the best.  Also keep a beady eye out in LIDL and Supervalu as you might spot some of her seasonal specials there.

Chez Emily has a beautiful collection of Eggs and gifts to choose from.

What about customized chocolate bars from Magic Mayan or yummy chocolate covered almonds and cherries from Dr Coys.

The Chocolate Garden have an endless collection of goodies so be sure to check out what they have on offer.

Chocolatey Clare has a gorgeous box of hand painted luxury chocolate bon bons on offer in her online shop.

If you'd like the option to get a range of beautiful Irish products then no better place than mycaboosestore. They have a whole gluten free section with lots of different choices including some mentioned above and brands like Miena's Nougat,  Mallow Mia and much more.  There's plenty of nice things there to stock your cupboards with for Easter.

Whatever you are buying or eating, doing or eating this Easter please stay safe and look forward to seeing you all sometime soon !

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