Be My Gluten Free Valentine

Well it's that time of year again where we celebrate our love for ourselves and one another and yes whilst we should celebrate that each and every day I still think it's fun to have a day where Love really is all around us.  If your fella or girl says things like 'ah jeez it's just a big commercial hoax to get us to spend loads money and sure I show you love all the time' then ditch them to the curb I say.  It's fun for goodness sake so embrace it and small gestures go a long way.  You also don't have to be in a 'relationship' in the traditional sense to spread Valentine Love...could be your friend, your Mum, your Dad, your brother or sister, your dog and if they're Gluten Free then go the extra can be a lonely old day for us with our rice cakes and our protein bars !

Here's some ideas of how you can celebrate and honour your loved one without going too crazy, from small gifts to experiences you can enjoy together or they can enjoy with a friend.  These are mostly online so you've still got time to nab them. 

So let's start with chocolate and I'll mostly keep it Irish but a couple of things to mention upfront;  Simon Coll is a Spanish brand of Chocolate that is gluten free and guess what you can pick up one of their lovely mini 3 pack of chocolate bars in SuperValu at the moment....they will more than likely be near the till as opposed to in the Free From aisle,  if you can't see them then ask.  When I came across them it got me curious and I discovered they have an online shop and an amazing set up with workshops galore at their facility in Barcelona so could be one to visit on a future holiday !  Next up is the Magic Mayan Gift Box,  made in Ireland, they have a whole range of treats in their online store and you get a 10% discount on your first order.  They also do chocolate classes which would make a great gift.  Chocolate Garden have an amazing array of gifts in their online shop from individuals bars and boxes of chocolate hearts to hampers and they do tours and classes.  

I've already mentioned chocolate classes above however can't go any further without mentioning this class Hazel Mountain are putting on this weekend for Valentine Love Birds.  Their chocolate is just the best and they've a beautiful cafe to boot.   There's also a shop in Galway where you can buy their whole range of goodies.  Or what about this lovely Supper Club being hosted by the Elbowroom Escape in Wicklow,  it's great value for money and these guys have the Coeliac Society Eating out pledge so you'd be in good hands. On the experiences front I also need to mention our Unglu-d classes,  we've 4 lined up for this year and we'd love to welcome newbies to these fun afternoons which include eating what you bake and chatting about all things gluten free.

Still broke after Christmas and end of the year ? then just cook up a nice meal,  my go to for new and fun recipes is The Little Green Spoon or if you want something a little more meaty and hot then check out this fab Chicken Wing recipe section on our website there's also a lovely recipe for tiramisu or yummy chocolate truffles.  

What would I love to get this valentines ? well that's a no brainer....a box of 6 donuts from Candlewood Bakery 10.00s lads.....yep I'm a simple lass ! Or this fab gift pack from the Nutshed in Limerick you like peanut butter you'll be nuts about this !

Whatever you decide to do for yourself or a loved one this Valentines enjoy it and stay safe.  I've a gut feeling you're gonna have a good one.






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